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What is Cold Pressed Sesame Oil?  



Nowadays everyone talks about healthy and homemade foods especially when it comes to edible oil people say the best option is Cold Pressed sesame Oil. So What is Cold Pressed Sesame Oil? Let's find out the best answer here.

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Cold-pressed Sesame oil extraction is the process of crushing the seed and forcing out the oil. The seeds are dropped on top of a chekku or marachekku unit which is made of stone and it contains a rotating wooden rod. The wooden rod rotates slowly crushes the seeds until the oil is extracted. A small hole in the bottom of the chekku allows the oil to escape into a collection container. Since it rotates very slowly no heat is generated due to friction and all nutrients and flavour of the oil stays intact. The collected oil is allowed to settle for a few days and it's filtered naturally and packed.


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Why we must use cold-pressed Sesame oil in our cooking?

  1. Sesame Seeds are part of traditional foods with a lot of medicine and health benefits.  Cold-pressed Sesame oils retain most of the vitamins, micronutrients, proteins, antioxidants, phospholipids etc. Getting these essential nutrients from a natural source is the best choice one can make.
  2. Unrefined cold-pressed Sesame oil does not contain any preservatives or additives or solvent residues, so it's an ideal choice for daily use to avoid chronic illness. (Some of the chemicals used in refined oils are either toxic or carcinogenic) .
  3. Food cooked in cold-pressed sesame oil will have an excellent flavour and taste, as the flavour and aroma of the sesame seeds are retained with the oil and not lost due to heat during extraction. The flavour and aroma of the oil compliment ethnic food and the spices especially the Cut Mango Pickles made in cold-pressed sesame oil so well. It can’t be explained in words and have to be experienced by cooking and tasting the food.
  4. Oil is extracted with least processing without the use of any chemicals. It has nearly zero impact on the environment. Unlike refined oils which will have chemical waste that is let to our environment, in unrefined cold-pressed sesame oils, the only by-product is oil seeds cakes. They are used as an organic manure for farmlands or used for cattle feed.
  5. Using cold-pressed sesame oil is our tradition and its not a new thing. It has been lost due to modernization, availability of low-cost refined oils and fancy packing and branding. It's our responsibility to restore our healthy lifestyle back by switching back to cold-pressed sesame oil.
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