Honest.  Quality.  Love

Let Food be thy Medicine.

Born from Mothers Love.
Made by hands.

When it comes to love and food, nothing can beat Aathirai. At Aathirai we’re adamant about yes and no. Yes to sunlight. No to machines. Yes to good bacteria. No to preservatives.

We make our Foods with lot of Love and care.

Yeah! That’s the magic ingredient for all our Foods. It works all the time.

Aathirai Homemade Pickles
Aathirai Homemade Foods

Explore Healthy, Tasty & Home
Made Foods with


Some combos are made in heaven. Our mothers are just awesome as they can make any fruit taste unique by mixing some seasoned spices that complement the fruit’s flavour. You’re welcome to enjoy these fusion combos, Chocolates, Snacks, healthy cooking oil for your 

kitchen and Instant mixes for quick and tasty foods.

We adopt the pace of nature and
her secret in our
Home made Pickles.