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When it comes to love and food, nothing can beat Aathirai. At Aathirai we’re adamant about yes and no. Yes to sunlight. No to preservatives. Yes to good bacteria. Explore Healthy, Tasty & Home Made Foods with Aathirai.
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Recently I order Aathirai Cut Mango Pickles, We liked it, especially my grandpa used to ask for plain rice with Aathirai pickles.

Hema Jayakumar


This is one of the best Pickles I have tasted. I love Garlic Pickle since my childhood. Thanks, Aathirai for making pickle with healthy Cold pressed Sesame oil.

Anamika S


I am writing this review from Bangalore. I have been searching a lot on where to get forest Sundakai Vathal. Most of the Sundakai Vathal found on the internet are made up of homegrown plants. At last, I got real Forest Sundakai Vathal at Aathirai Foods which has a lot of health benefits. Thanks.



Finally, a true homemade Pickles with sesame oil from Aathirai Pickles. I liked the pickle very much and will keep ordering it.



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