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Aathirai Amla Candy - 100 GM | Source of vitamin - C | 100 % Natural & Organic Amla Candy for all age groups | Rich in fibre proteins

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veg-icon This is a Vegetarian product

  • SPECIALITY: 100% Organic, Natural and Pure. Our Amla Candy is pure, preservative-free & chemical-free.
  • INGREDIENTS: Amla, Jaggery
  • PRODUCT INFORMATION: Ingredient Type : Vegetarian

                                                Flavour : Amla

                                                Product Weight : 100gm

  • ORGANIC CANDY: Aathirai Amla Candy is 100% Natural, Pure and made from fresh, seasonal amla and jaggery. It has natural flavours, no artificial colours and no preservatives. Amla boosts immunity and rejuvenates the system.
  • NO PRESERVATIVES: Amla is procured directly from the farmers, naturally preserved, Processed and packed in our hygienic processing plant to retain their natural freshness, aroma and the original nutrients.
  • HIGH NUTRITIONAL VALUES: Amla is a rich source of Vitamin C, Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Antioxidants and Natural Nutrients. It benefits digestive capacity, stimulates strong metabolism, cures stomach related problems.  It is good for the eyes and hair.
  • Features & Details: Aathirai Amla Candy is 100% natural with no added colours or preservatives. Our Amla Candy is a healthy substitute for toffee, chocolate or sugar candies. Regular intake of Amla Candy will help strengthen your immunity. It keeps the body young, healthy and energetic. Sweet Amla Candy can be consumed directly. Amla helps maintain optimal blood sugar levels too. Aathirai Amla Candy is a healthy choice for a healthy life.

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