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Aathirai Boondi Kottai | Soapnut | 200 GMS

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veg-icon This is a Vegetarian product


  • SPECIALITY: 100% Organic, Pure and Natural. Our Boondi Kottai | Soapnut is preservative-free, chemical-free & no artificial additives
  • INGREDIENTS: Boondi Kottai
  • PRODUCT INFORMATION: Ingredient Type : Vegetarian

                                                Flavour : Boondi Kottai

                                                Product Weight : 200 Gms

  • ORGANIC POWDER: Aathirai Boondi Kottai | Soapnut is 100% organic, pure, no added fragrances and no preservatives.
  • AUTHENTIC AND TRADITIONAL HERBS: Boondi Kottai | Soapnut is procured directly from the farmers, naturally preserved, processed and packed in our hygienic processing plant to retain their natural freshness, aroma and the original nutrients.It Contains vitamins A,D,E and K which impart shine ti your hair and make it smooth. 
  • STORAGE: Store in a Cool and Dry Place. Comes in a handy stand-up pouch.
  • FEATURES AND DETAILS: Aathirai Boondi Kottai | Soapnut  is 100% natural with no added colours or preservatives, also has no traces of pesticides or fertilisers. Aathirai Boondi Kottai | Soapnut  is a healthy choice for a healthy life.
  • HOW TO USE: Take 10-15 soapnut, crush them to take out the seeds. Add 5 cups of water and crushed soapnuts, boil it for 20-30 minutes. A soapy liquid is ready and you can use it as shampoo.