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Aathirai Neem Oil - 100 ML

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  • Aathirai Neem oil is 100 % Natural & pure premium quality.
  • Vitamins and Antioxidants: Neem oil contains vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that helps protect the skin from oxidative damage. It also contains small amounts of other vitamins like vitamin C.
  • Fatty Acids: Aathirai Neem oil contains various fatty acids, including oleic acid, linoleic acid, and palmitic acid. These fatty acids contribute to the oil's emollient and moisturizing properties, making it beneficial for skin and hair care.
  • Azadirachtin: This is the most active and well-known compound in neem oil. Azadirachtin is a natural insecticide and insect growth regulator, making neem oil an effective pesticide for controlling various pests in agriculture.
  • Neem oil for plants is a natural pest repellent for plants and also growth promoter, fungicide, and to improve the overall health of plants.
  • Neem oil Spray is eco-friendly, water-soluble, biodegradable.
  • Aathirai Neem oil is a versatile and effective solution for a wide range of plant care needs.