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Health Benefits of Palm Jaggery
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Health Benefits of Palm Jaggery

Palm Jaggery is preparing from the extract of Palm Trees. The homemade Palm Jaggery making process of jaggery from the plant sources does not involve any chemicals and hence all the natural minerals are retained without adding any preservatives or chemicals. Jaggery is known to have various types of medicinal properties and other health benefits.

Palm Jaggery Helps To Prevents Constipation

Detoxes The Liver: Life is a vital organ in the human body that helps indigestion. Intake of palm jaggery will help in cleansing the liver and help in flushing out the harmful toxins from the body. Hence whenever you need to clean your liver, Always remember to have a bite of palm jaggery.

Excellent Medicine For FLU: Always remember to mix a piece of Palm jaggery with lukewarm water and drink it up. Palm jaggery helps in the complete cure of cold and cough. You can even consider adding them to your Tea or coffee through which you can replace the sugar from your part of the diet.

Palm Jaggery Helps to Purify the Blood

Boosts immunity: Palm Jaggery is heavily loaded with antioxidants, and minerals rich such as zinc and selenium which helps in completely preventing radical damage and give rise to boosting immunity such as infections, intake of Palm jaggery helps in boosting hemoglobin in the blood.

Boosts intestinal health: Regular usage of Palm jaggery will help in encouraging intestinal health due to its good presence of magnesium content, It’s scientifically proven that every 10 grams of palm jaggery will be present up to 16 mg of magnesium, That amount is considered as 4 percent of daily requirements.

Helps in cooling the stomach: Palm jaggery helps in maintaining the normal cool temperature of the human body. This helps in retaining the stomach temperature cool and under control. In the summer season, You can mix palm jaggery and dried ginger to prepare a south Indian Dish called “Panakam”.

Types of jaggery

Sugarcane Jaggery: This is the most used variant of jaggery which is basically extracted from sugarcane, which is manually prepared by using traditional techniques, which gives this jaggery a unique taste and texture. Sugarcane jaggery Prepared by boiling, and filtering by age-old methods, this jaggery is usually in the crystallized form.

Coconut jaggery: Coconut jaggery is another form of jaggery, which you will often come across in the delicacies of Southern India. This is made with the unfiltered and unfermented extracts of coconut sap, this jaggery is sweet in taste and has a crystallized texture. It has a much sweeter taste as compared to other jaggery variants.

Palm Jaggery: Palm Jaggery is made from the extract of the palm trees. It is boiled, filtered and churned in the same way as sugarcane jaggery. This type of jaggery has a soft texture and is a dark brown in color.



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