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What is Aathirai?
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What is Aathirai?

Aathirai ?

Aathirai is a character in one of the 5 greatest epics Manimegalai, describing a character Manimegalai, who gets Amudhsurabhi(Akshaya Patra) the bowl of abundance in which the supply of food never depletes. But for the first time someone very pure in character had to put rice into it.  She hears of Aathirai from whom she gets the first bowl of rice and after that the Akshaya Patra never depletes. The food has been served to all the needy.

So Aathirai name is related to  “FOOD”.

Aathirai is a mythical woman who was so pure in her character and love that when she walked into the fire; the fire extinguished, unable to burn her heat of purity! . 

So Aathirai is “PURE THEN FIRE”. 

AATHIRAI FOODS - An abundance of “FOOD” which is “PURE THEN FIRE”.

When it comes to love and food, nothing can beat Aathirai. At Aathirai we’re adamant about yes and no. Yes to sunlight. No to machines. Yes to good bacteria. No to preservatives.

Aathirai Oil

We hate artificial preservatives. And our experience tells us that the best natural preservative is the oil, which we use sufficiently in our pickles. Our pickles are prepared using traditional wood pressed (Mara Chekku ennai / Cold pressed) which has a host of health benefits as per including helps lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, really good for your heart and more.

Cold Pressed Sesame Oil Wood Pressed Oil

Aathirai Fruits and Vegetables

We are committed to promoting human and ecological health by providing people with delicious, nourishing and homemade organic food.

We aim to produce the highest quality, traditional pickle and foods products available, using natural fermentation. We buy our fruits and vegetables only from our own farm and our process trained organic family farms. Our ingredients are 100% organic and natural.

Blog Image for Varieties of Mango Pickle Turkey berry / Sundakkai organic-lemon-tree



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