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7 Home-made food items you can buy online
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7 Home-made food items you can buy online

Buy online food items we prepare at home

Who does not like homemade food? In today’s day and age of processed foods, with added preservatives for long preservation that might be harmful to health, getting authentic home-made food is a boon. If you are someone who enjoys eating food prepared at home, this blog lists down some of the home-made food items that you can buy online.


Pickles have a unique flavour that enhances the taste of any meal, no matter how bland it otherwise may be. Would people buy authentic homemade Indian pickles from an online store? Why not, Buying home-made pickles online is one of the best ways for thousands of food-lovers, no matter where you are based out of. Whether it is authentic gongura pickle from Andhra Pradesh, chili pickle from Rajasthan or Cut Mango Pickles from Tamilnadu, buying pickles online may be a great idea.

Spices and Masalas

India is a land of spices. Unless our meals are seasoned with at least a few spices, we are not satisfied. Most of the spices and masalas available in the market are adulterated in one form or another. Buying 100% pure spices and freshly-ground masalas, may not only benefit you as a buyer, but it will also have a lot of health benefits for your entire family.


Snacking is one of the most favourite pastimes for many of us. Whether it is get-togethers, movie-nights or just boredom, we all find ourselves reaching for some snacks. Home-made snacks like nippat, dry bhel, khakhra, banana and potato chips, moong dal, dry fruit mixtures, you name it, we want it. Paapads also add to this list of savoury items.

Instant mixes

Nowadays, everyone is in a hurry and nobody has the time to cook a traditional meal with spices and whole foods. Instant mixes become a life-saver, as all you have to do is cook the basic stuff like rice and mix the ready-made spices to create a delectable dish. Home-made instant mixes are always in demand, so if you are someone who wants a quick meal in less time then you can buy them online.

Chocolates and Cakes

Every time someone visits a hill station, we are quick to ask them to bring us back some home-made chocolates. If you are passionate about tasting home-made chocolates, why not take that interest online and buy chocolates, muffins, cakes, cookies and much more over the internet?  Buying home made chocolates and cakes online could be a better option to eat something you love.

Protein bars

Protein bars are a great go-to when you get those hunger pangs but you want to eat something healthy. Peanut bars, oat bars, granola bars, dry fruit bars and many other varieties are a great way to eat healthy while also satisfying your taste buds.

Home-made cheese, butter, ghee and cooking oil

Let’s face it, home-made butters, cheese, desi-ghee and cooking oil are a much better substitute to the store-bought variety. You could buy home-made cheese and butter online with the right packaging and instructions about the shelf-life and storage.

When it comes to cooking oil mostly we end up in using unhealthy and heavily promoted factory-made oil. For example, the factory-made groundnut oil we buy from stores is not really a pure groundnut oil which is adulterated in one form or another. Buying our traditional cooking oil such as homemade Marachekku Oil) oil may not only benefit you as a buyer, but it will also have a lot of health benefits for your entire family.



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