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The Ultimate Andhra Mango Pickle
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The Ultimate Andhra Mango Pickle

Andhra is famous for one of the recipes: spicy mango pickle is the most popular item in Andhra meals. For Telugu people without a pickle meal is incomplete. It is omnipresent with most of the Telugu households and many homes have several variations of its regular Avakai, Dry Avakai, with Garlic, with whole Bengal gram.

Andhra Mango Pickle Overview

Andhra style Mango pickles are a very tasty mouthwatering pickle. From some point of view, you may get bored with eating vegetables, Non-vegetarian, or any other usual recipes but it wouldn’t happen in the case of Mango pickle. Whenever You feel too lazy to cook, You just cook rice and eat with some mango pickle. Every ingredient of this Mango pickles has equal importance.

Andhra Avaka Pickle

The Andhra Avakaya pickle is a delicious mango pickle from andhra that is made spicy and tasty. This andhra avakaya is one of the most commenly condiment in every traditional home. You must order online this Avakaya pickle this mango season.

Andhra Mango Pickle Varieties

There are 9 varieties of mango pickles

  1. ANDHRA AVAKAYA: Traditional Mango pickle prepared with a combination of spices: mustard powder, red chilli powder, salt, fenugreek seeds, sesame oil and few more optional additional ingredients like garlic or chana.
  2. ALLAM AVAKAYA: It is similar to Andhra Avakaya pickle but the addition of Ginger - Garlic paste makes it unique and tastes very delicious. This is everyone’s favourite pickle and is a speciality pickle of  Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh.
  3. BELLAM AVAKAYA: This is a unique Avakaya which is sweeter in taste because of the addition of jaggery and while the rest of the ingredients used are similar to the regular avakaya. It is a great accompaniment for Roti/Chapathi.
  4. NUVVU AVAKAYAA variation to regular Avakaya pickle with the dominant taste of sesame seed powder which adds a mild tone of sweetness to the pickle which makes it taste unique from the regular Avakaya.
  5. PALLI AVAKAYA: This is another Telangana special mango Avakaya recipe. This avakai is quite unusual with the subtle taste of groundnut powder and is a great combination with Idli/Dosa.
  6. PESARA AVAKAYA: It is the most favourite Avakay among the instant versions which gets marinated very quickly. This avakaya is prepared using the roasted moong dal powder instead of mustard powder which makes it delicious.
  7. MUKKALA PACHADI: This is the first pickle which we prepare in mango season as this pickle gets ready very quickly. It is a simpler version of the regular Avakaya recipe which is prepared with fine pieces of mango. 
  8. MAAGAYA PICKLE: This is a different mango pickle recipe which is prepared using sun-dried mango pieces and can be stored for long.
  1. NO OIL Mango Pickle: Mango pickle with absolutely no oil in the recipe and instead of water is used in the recipe. Try this different mango pickle recipe definitely in this mango season. Shelf life 15-20 days.

Andhra Mango Pickle Recipe

Andra people are well known for their hot and spicy flavour. The ingredients needed for this mango pickle are :

  • Raw mango
  • Mustard seeds and powder
  • Red chilli powder
  • Turmeric powder
  • Fenugreek seeds
  • Salt
  • Chickpea powder
  • Bengal gram
  • Sesame oil. 

Dry ingredients powders can help in longer lives of pickles. Otherwise, the pickle will ferment and get spoiled because of moisture.  Pickle Jar is also sun-dried. The hotter, sooner the pickle will get ready. All the ingredients are mixed well with mango pieces so that all the spices get incorporated very well in the Mango pickle.

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