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History of Mango pickle
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History of Mango pickle

Pickles have been around for thousands of years, No one can hardly ever imagine an Indian platter without a spoonful of pickles whether it is for veg or non-veg meal. The word pickle is copied from the Dutch word derived from pekel which means saline.

Especially around this summer season, they are good for this mango pickle. Chinna rasalu are a few varieties that are used in the preparation of pickle. Homemade Spices like mustard powder and fenugreek powder, red chilli powder along with salt are used for this preparation.  A lot of de-skinned garlic pods are added to the pickle which on marination gives a yummy taste. One can enjoy the flavour of these garlic pods and often they are washed off along with the mango pieces to enjoy the tanginess with a touch of spice as a snack to many children during summers. There are 3 main types of pickles; preserved in vinegar, preserved in salt and preserved in oil. Most of the Indian pickle brands are for the most part of the last variety, with different types of aromatic and flavourful oils being used for preservation. The type of oil used varies from region to region, for instance, mustard oil is a popular medium used in Northern India, whereas the Southern region prefers the more subtle flavour of sesame oil. Indian food traditions have a firm belief that almost anything can be preserved through pickling, from fruits, vegetables, berries, leaves, roots and even some meats. There are several popular pickle flavours that are highly sought after in india including thin line skinned limes, green chillies, ginger, carrots, gooseberries and more. Benefits of Mango Pickle:

King of fruits Mango is loved by all age groups of people for its sweet and aromatic taste.  This taste refreshes your mind and makes new again your body with the benefits listed below

Vitamin C:  As per recent research, mangoes have more vitamin C than apples, bananas, lemons and oranges.  Vitamin C content is excellent in treating blood disorders. Those who do not have the habit of consuming citrus fruits can try mangoes either raw or if you are hesitant to even do that, try adding it through cooked food.  


Prevents dehydration:  Eating salted raw mangoes prevents excessive loss of water from the body and quenches your thirst by secreting more saliva.  This leads to prevention of dehydration ultimately. 


Treats Gastro-intestinal disorder:  It helps in restoring proper intestinal functions when consumed adequately. 


Gives energy:  If you eat mango pickle at the end of your lunch, it gives you abundant energy and revives you from afternoon drowsiness. 


Liver protector:  Raw green mango pickle increases the secretion of bile acids this eventually cleans intestines if there are any bacterial infections


Prickly heat preventer:  It has a lot of properties which prevents you from sun stroke.


Improve hormonal health:  With more amount of Vitamin B, it helps you to retain health.  Helps in digestion and constipation problems. 


Why buy Mango Pickle from Aathirai foods?
  • Made Fresh  Mango pickle Batches every day, so by the time the pickles reaches you, it's just few days old with best taste, flavor and fragrances

  • Homemade pickles

  • No Chemicals, No Preservatives, and No Colors makes it the best food not just for you but also for your kids and elderly.

  • Premium Quality Pickle Mangoes used

That is why we call our pickles healthy, homemade, hygienic, tasty and best in quality and quantit



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